Qnet B7 Firmware CM2

Chipset : RDA8851C H022
Fw size : 4mb
Internal name : QNET_HSD_R23531
Model : Qnet B7

This low-end keypad phone is back-up using CM2 RDA tool and pack extension is ILOD Files.
We can use to flash-back this Firmware copy to device via PC/laptop and tools that have "Ilod" image file support load, Must better use Cm2 tools which is back-up this ROM.

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Extracting file have no password FREE!
Qnet B7 RDA8851C_HSD_R23531 Firmware Cm2-emerlits


OPPO A71 CPH1801 Firmware

OPPO A71 CPH1801 Firmware
The Oppo A71 CPH1801 is different to Oppo A71 CPH1717 in firmware ROM,
The A71 CPH1801 is a qualcomm and the A71 CPH1717 is a Mediatek ( MTK ).

I search on net i found the firmware and result was tested to my repair Have a Password forgotten problem.
Just follow the procedure given below. Ok how i do it ?, I have Windows 7 32bit computer with Internet connection.

1. Download this OPPO ALL TOOL
2. Download this CPH1801 tar.bz2 Size : 2.1gb
Note: Extracting file have no password
3. After download Oppo All Tool, Extract it anywhere you want and you will see the following inside folder>
  • Codemeter runtime.exe
  • Enable.exe
  • PDA.net
  • OPPOMsmDownloadToolNoneLic_2001.WibuCmRaU
4. After download the ROM CPH1801EX_11_A.01_171230, extract it using win rar and you will see inside folder>
  • CPH1801EX_11_A.01_171230.opf
  • Md5sum.md5
  • MsmDownloadTool.exe
5. Install the PDAnet, Don't choose model just select "other" and usb connection not bluetooth, after install leave it any error about device connectivity.
6. Install Codemeter runtime, After install, >Open the Code meter runtime>goto File and Import licence key. Browse the licence key is in the folder of downloaded earlier name "OPPOMsmDownloadToolNoneLic_2001.WibuCmRaU".
7. After importing licence key to Codemeter runtime, You will see the logs that OPPOMsmDownloadTool etc. is imported, this is important to run the flasher tool.
8. Download and Install the Qualcomm Driver ignore it if you have already
In Device manager of your PC/Laptop check 1st if your Oppo device is detected as "9008" is proper driver. Connect your oppo A71 in power off while hold together the volume up and down to usbport.
9. Restart your Pc/Laptap
10. Now you are ready to flash program your Oppo A71 CPH1801, 
Run as administrator the " MsmDownloadTool.exe " you download earlier and its automatically load the .OPF firmware then hit Start button.
11. Reconnect the Battery of Oppo device then hold the volume up and down together while connecting to PC usb port. The tools will detect the device and it will start program/flashing.
12. Wait until success or 100% finish and the device will automatically power-on and see the result.
Mine work is tested and successfully revived.

If you succeeded this procedure, Your Oppo device is reset to Factory set , Meaning the Password, FRP Google protection, Previous Userdata will removed.

Your Device not same to A71 CPH1801? , may be this page can help Oppo A71 CPH1717

Android ADB Screen Capture Tool

This tool was created by emerlits with the help of friends and some commands of Windows Operating System.
The purpose of this this tool is to capture the screenshot "SCREEN" of most android device by using ADB (android debug bridge).

The command "CMD" inside this tool was found in android SDK and modified by the author to make it simple and one click.
The Tools is for Android devices only with have ADB enable in setting,
If not this tool does not work.
The tools is for educational purposes only and free for all and not request money or sell.

How it will work 
1. Enable ADB of your android device Goto >Setting>About Phone>Tap 7 times the Build number> , and you have now a "Developer options" in setting of phone
2. In Setting> Developer option> Make it ON by sliding the switch, also below Make it ON the USB debugging option and connect to computer and install the ADB driver 
3. Download the AdbScreenCapture and run to computer the exe and follow the prompt inside of tool.
4. After install, there have 7 file only inside in installation folder.

read version.txt

Inside the Tools option

Press 1 - capture real time image it save as *Png file

Press 2 - capture real time Video it saves as *Mp4 file

Press 3 - Back to menu and reset/refresh the detection of tools to Android ADB device

Press 4 - Pulling Video.mp4 that recorded earlier

⇩Download Tool
Extracting size : 879KB
No extracting password
ADB Screen Capture Tool v1.0

Phonix Mobile Prime 5 Firmware PAC

Device Build : S16 D BP236 PHONIX V1.2 2017
Device Brand   : Phonix PRIME 5
Device Model   : sp7731c_1h10_32v4
Device CPU     : SP7731ceb SPRD
Device IntName : sp7731c_1h10_32v4_oversea
Device Version : 6.0 Android
Device Project : MRA58K release-keys
Device ExtInfo : PRIME 5

This Phonix Mobile Prime 5 Firmware PAC is back-up using CM2 Spreadtrum tool and perform by me and already converted to PAC files.

Text Logs

Step  #2 : Select logic
Select Logic : SC7731
Step  #3 : Processing data
Build PAC
[ADD FILE] : nvitem_w.bin
[ADD FILE] : nvitem_wcn.bin
[ADD FILE] : prodnv.img
[ADD FILE] : u-boot-spl-16k.bin
[ADD FILE] : sc7731C_CP0_modem.bin
[ADD FILE] : DSP_DM_Gx.bin
[ADD FILE] : sc8830g_modem_CP2_WCN_Trunk_W16.28.5_Release.bin
[ADD FILE] : logo_720x1280.bin
[ADD FILE] : boot.img
[ADD FILE] : system.img
[ADD FILE] : cache.img
[ADD FILE] : recovery.img
[ADD FILE] : sysinfo.img
[ADD FILE] : userdata.img
[ADD FILE] : u-boot.bin
Build Ok! Result : 0x0017
Sign PAC ...
Sign Ok! FW compiled!
Elapsed: 00:02:51
Saved to : Phonix_mobile_PRIME_5_phoenixemer.blogspot.com.PAC

NOTE: Be sure you read and understand the information/Version, project ROM backup Firmware and Screenshot image above is same to your device before writing ROM, Do it at your Own Risk!...

*PAC files Rom is ready to load to SPD Upgrade Tool which is found tutorial at given link.

We can use to flash-back this Firmware copy to device via PC/laptop and tools that have PAC image file support load, Must better use Cm2 tools which is back-up this ROM If you don't have Paid tool!
You can try Upgrade Download.

Extracting Size : 669MB -Upload by Admin
Extracting file is without password FREE!
SP7731CEB Phonix mobile PRIME 5

ZH&K ODYSSEY J1+ Pac Firmware

Device Info in hand
Device Brand   : H5
Device Model   : HY930
Device CPU     : Sc7731c
Device IntName : HY930
Device Version : 6.0
Device Compile : 4/1/2017 1:41:06 AM
Device Project : HY930A_XLD_H5_ZH&K_ODYSSEY_J1+_QHD_V05_20170401
Device ExtInfo : ZH&K ODYSSEY J1+

NOTE: The file i shared here device Project which is HY930A_XLD_H5 QHD_V05
and TC4 H5 ZH&K ODYSSEY J1+ V03.
Difference version released but my device in hand version is V05.

Password: raztah_1968​
Password: chachobo2012​
The rom is not mine, thanks to rightful uploader
ZH&k J1+ Nvram for Cm2
Be sure you read and understand the information/Version, project ROM backup Firmware and Screenshot image above is same to your device before writing ROM, Do it at your Own Risk!..

Rom is ready to load to SPD Upgrade Tool which is found tutorial at given link.