Smartphone Firmware List

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Alcatel boost view 5 firmware(scatter file)Posted
Alcatel OT-4030D Firmware (via Tools) - Posted
Alcatel OT-5035D Pass:kiane21 .. posted
Alcatel OT-7040A Pass:kiane21 ..posted
Alcatel OT985N Pass: kiane21 .. posted
Alcatel OT HERO 8020E .. posted Pass:YingJie
Alcatel OT-7040E Pass: gsmduplicated - posted
Alcatel OT 5020A - Posted
Alcatel OT-4030D - Posted
ALCATEL pop C7 OT- 7040e (CM2)
Admet 7040D Firmware (LG back cover) (custom ROM scatter file) .. posted
ACER Z520 MT6582 OS4.4.2-ALPS.KK1.MP1.V2.13 (CM2)
Alcatel OT-7041D Pop C7 Digicel DL900 - Posted
Alcatel One touch Fixi3 model 8055 - Posted
Alcatel OT 6043D full flash - Link
Amicom NYX firmware - Posted
Amazing A5S Taiwan mobile Firmware - Posted

BS MOBILE FUNK (pacfile) ... posted
BS MOBILE OASIS (Mediatek) ... posted pass : lansgsm
BS MOBILE DUKE II Firmware - Posted
BlueWave Wave 8 HD firmware BWF15A000987 - Posted
BS mobile Billie G1 - Posted
Bs mobile Flux - Posted

Cloudfone Excite 401dx+ mt6572
Cloudfone GEO 402q MT6582 4.4.2 ... posted
Cloudfone_Excite_501d_FS20130625_V07 ok.rar
Cloudfone_Excite_502q_FS20140504_V05 mt6582 OK.rar
Cloudfone_ICE_350e_v07_FS_20130524_1754 spd6820 ok.rar
Cloudfone Ice Plus 2 V2 - Posted
Cloudfone Supreme Lite - Posted
Cloudfone Ice Lite - Posted
Cloudfone Thrill HD - LINK no password
Cloudfone Thrill Boost - Posted
Cloudfone Thrill Plus 16bg - Posted
Cloudfone Thrill Plus 2 - Posted
Cloudfone GEO 401Q+ - Posted

Cherry mobile SPIN 3G+ V.3.0 .... Posted
Cherry Spin - Link
Cherry Mobile SPIN MINI - Posted , Rar password
Cherry mobile Spin Lite (RDA) - Posted
Cherry mobile spark TV V1 (pac file) LINK
Cherry mobile B100 Firmware ...posted
Cherry mobile B200 (RDA) .. Posted
Cherry mobile Urban Firmware ...posted
Cherry Mobile FUZE Firmware MT6582 ( scatter file ) posted
Cherry Mobile Fuze Mini - Posted
Cherry mobile Garnet (mt6572) ... posted
Cherry mobile Burst V2.0 LINK
Cherry Mobile Granite
Cherry Mobile Amber 1 w380 firmware - Posted
Cherry Mobile Amber 2 LINK1 / LINK2
Cherry mobile Cosmos Z (MT6589)
Cherry Mobile Comet - LINK pass: rex@greenhills
Cherry mobile Aura 2 firmware Tablet (A33 chips) posted
Cherry mobile ME POP Firmware (scatter file) posted
Cherry mobile Astro PAC ROM - Posted
Cherry Mobile Ultra - Posted
Cherry mobile flare XL plus V2.0 firmware (scatter file) posted
Cherry mobile ACE 2 V2.0 CM2 ROM by: niljungsm
Cherry mobile ACE 2 V2.0 PAC ROM by: nels492
Cherry mobile Flare A1 - Posted
Cherry mobile P1 Lite Firmware - Posted
Cherry mobile Flare X V2 (scatter CM2).. Posted
Cherry mobile Flare S Play  Pass: rex@greenhills_gsmsandwich_10.0
Cherry mobile Flare S Play (scatter) - Posted
Cherry Flare S debrand by Xolo
Cherry Flare Lite 1 Q890 - Link
Cherry Flare Lite 1 (V04) - Link
Cherry Flare Lite 2 Unlock SIM file - Posted
Cherry Flare Lite 3 (pac file) - Posted
Cherry Flare S3 V1
Cherry Flare J2 V1
Cherry Flare J2 V3.0 : Posted
Cherry Mobile J2S (cm2) Firmware - Posted
Cherry Mobile J2 DTV Firmware (pac file) - Posted
Cherry mobile J3 plus .. Pass: moxxxgsmsandwich - Link
Cherry Mobile J5 Firmware Pass: moxxxgsmsandwich - Link
Cherry Flare J1 MINI (pac file)
Cherry Mobile Flare Lite 2 - Posted
Cherry Flare J1 Mini CM2 - Posted
Cherry Flare J1s B (V08 only) - Posted
Cherry Flare J1 PLUS ...pass- preloader88@gsmsandwich - Posted
Cherry mobile Flare J1 SP7731GEA .. cm2 backup
Cherry mobile Flare J1 v2.0-V3.0 - Posted
CHERRY MOBILE Flare X v3 (MT6735)
Cherry mobile flare S100 - Posted
Cherry Mobile Flare S5 (MT6753) pass- spreadtrumediatek
Cherry mobile Flare S5 - Posted
Cherry Mobile Flare S5 Mini Pass : moxxxgsmsandwich ... posted
Cherry Mobile Flare S5 PLUS - Posted
Cherry Mobile Flare S4 Plus (MT6753) pass : agb070611
Cherry Mobile Flare S4 ALPS.L1.MP3.V2_VANZO6753.65U.L1_P39.
Cherry Mobile Flare S3 Octa Firmware OS 4.4.4 ... posted
Cherry mobile Flare S3 Lite V2.0 ... Posted
Cherry mobile S3 V2
Cherry mobile S3 MINI (Pac file)
Cherry mobile S3 Lite 2.0 (Pac file)
Cherry Mobile Superion Navigator TAB Firmware - Posted
Cherry mobile Superion ION Tablet - Posted
Cherry mobile Omega Lite 2 Pacfile - Posted
Cherry mobile Flare lite DTV - Posted
Cherry mobile c7i - Posted
Cherry Mobile Flare lite 2S V2- Posted
Cherry Mobile Flare S2 - Posted
Cherry Mobile ASTRO 2 - Posted
Cherry Flare S4 Mini - Posted
Cherry mobile B1 - Posted
Cherry Mobile Flare Lite 3B - Posted
Cherry Mobile Flare S3 Power V2 - Posted
Cherry mobile Omega HD 3s -Posted
Cherry Mobile Astro 2S aka flare P1 lite - Posted
Cherry mobile Flare Dash Posted
Cherry Mobile Omega Icon 2 CM2 LINK , SPT LINK
Cherry mobile TAB fusion Bolt Firmware : Posted
Cherry mobile Flare A3 : Posted
Cherry mobile Omega Lite 3 : Posted
Cherry Mobile Flare P3 Plus : Posted
Cherry Mobile J3 Plus MT6580 Firmware - Posted
Cherry Cubix Cube Lite - Posted

CMX G4 with LG back cover ... posted
CMX V3+PLUS SONY X-BO password V3+PLUS ni astig84 .. posted
CP-706-MB-v3.0 mt6572 Firmware Backup( Tablet scatter file) posted
Chico mobile Ojos 6 Firmware - Posted

ENES G15 Q41 Firmware - Posted
ENES G5 Q11 Firmware - Posted
ENES G10+Lenovo clone -Posted


Firefly Android Model R90 Vision 5 posted
FIREFLY MOBILE Vision 5 android v4.4.2 (CM2 firmware) pass: ujaelan
Firefly Android R90 Vision 5 LiteAndroid 5.x (CM2 Firmware)
Firefly AURII secret lite - Posted
Firefly S160 firmware - Posted
Firefly Intense Power 6.0 - Posted Firefly Intense power 6.0

Firefly Sweet Plus - Posted
Firefly Sweet Plus for CM2 user  password jhomz11
Firefly Sweet Plus  no password

Fly IQ4404 eurostar - Posted
Firefly AURII Vivid - Download Pass: adrenaline rush

MyPhone My28s V1.12 firmware unlock Solution (mira file) ... Posted
MyPhone My28s V1.09 Firmware PAC file - Posted
MyPhone My27 Sc7731 CM2 firmware ... Posted
MyPhone My73 DTV - Posted
MyPhone My76 DTV (pac) - Posted
MyPhone My96 DTV - Posted
Myphone my21 Firmware-spd7731and-hard reset ... Posted
MYPHONE MY25 SC7731 miracle tool.rar
myphone MY26 spd7731 emmc new miracle backup myphone my21 spd ... posted
Myphone My31 mt6592 - Posted
Myphone Agua Rio V2 mt6582 (scatter file) ... Posted
Myphone-agua-rain-2g-v3-firmware (scatter file) ... Posted
Myphone Agua Rio Fun (mt6572 Nand) - Posted
MyPhone Agua Rio Fun_v2 MT6571 Link ... dabskie143
myphone agua RIO Lite Firmware v1.10 nck ok.rar
MyPhone Rio 2 Fun MT6582 ALPS.L0.MP2.V1 Link (OS 5.1)
myphone Rio 2 miracle scatter backup.rar
myphone Rio_Craze_20140722_V1.14.rar
myphone rio junior backup miracle 2.27 MTK6571.rar
myphone Agua Storm TV V1.13 Link Pass: myphoneasp2013
myphone 848i  Alpharom v1.2
myphone ocean mini mtk 6572 Link 
myphone RIO GRANDE MT6582  Link  Pass: BRYAN11
myphone Agua Hail_20131204_V0.13 - Link Pass: myphoneasp2013
my phone A919I DUO S9201_4.2
Myphone My91 DTV - Posted
Myphone My72 DTV - Posted
Myphone My88DTV - Posted
MyPhone My81 DTV - Posted
MyPhone My75 DTV - Posted
MyPhone MyA7 DTV - Posted
MyPhone MyA1 MT6580 CM2 - LINK1 / Link2
MyPhone My87 DTV - Posted
MyPhone myA5 PAC - Posted
MyPhone MyA9 DTV - Download
MyPhone MyA3 - LINK and pass
MyPhone MyT5 DTV tablet Firmware - Posted

Mixc i9 firmware Oppo clone password : mixci9 ... Posted
Modoex M88 Tablet Firmware ... posted


Star MOBILE UP VISION V05 ...Posted
star mobile sky mt6582 ok
starmobile play spark spd7731 backup miracle2.27a ok.rar
Starmobile Play Click - PAC file - Posted
starmobile tablet ENGAGE 7 TV_HW.V1.0_V1.8_20130531_2
starmobile up mt6582.rar
starmobile UP+ mt6582 150101_153832.rar
Starmobile Up Ultra -Posted
StarMobile Play Plus - Posted
Starmobile Knight Vision - Posted
Sony XBO One ME E9 - Posted
SSTX S88 T825w V1 G - Posted


SKK MOBILE RUSH MINT Firmware (mira file) posted
Skk AURA SPIKE - Posted
SKK PROTON Firmware (SPD miracle file) ... posted
Skk AXIS Hard Reset procedure + Backup ROM (CM2) posted
Skk mobile model Krayon + mtk6571 chipset (scatter file) . . posted
Skk krayon mt6572.rar (no +)
skk A21 ok spd6820 research downloader.rar
skk aura mini OS 5.1 spd7731 emmc(new)BACK UP BY MIRACLE.rar
Skk rush ion spd6820 miracle backup.rar
skk rush neo spd6820 miracle backup.rar
skk viper + mt6571 not test.rar
SKK Viper+ mt6571 scatter files.rar
Skk Wind NCK scatter file .. Posted
Skk C12 firmware (bin files) Posted
SKK Rush Delta (bin files) - Posted
SKK Hiper X Blade1 Pac Pass: master_jay - Link
SKK AURA Sting Firmware (SPD CM2) Pass: rheljoy - Link
Skk Aura Fash - Pass: kimarth - Link or Link
SKK Phoenix TAB 3+ - Posted
SKK Aura Edge Pac - Posted

SAMSUNG SmartPhones

Sony Xperia c2305 Firmware Rom .. posted
Sony Xperia C1505 Firmware (ftf file) .. posted
Sony 10X MT6580 - Posted
Sony XBO model O6 - Posted
Sony XBO Z3 - Posted

Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Firmware Collection .. posted
Samsung J700H/DS Firmware .. posted
Samsung-gt-e2222-firmware .. posted
Samsung S7582 Firmware .. posted
Samsung-galaxy-j1-mini-sm-j105b-glb (AP files only) .. posted
Samsung Galaxy Mega I9152 (4 files for odin).. Posted
Samsung Tablet P1000 (4file) .. posted
Samsung SGH-I717 AT&T .. (4 file) .. posted
Samsung A8 Clone Firmware (scatter file) NCK ... Posted
Samsung A9 Clone Firmware (scatter file) Cm2 ... Posted
Samsung G7 Clone Firmware (scatter file) ... Posted
Samsung J5 clone MTK6572 (CM2)
Samsung J3 clone SPD7731CEB Pacfile - Posted
Samsung J310 aka J500H Clone firmware - Posted
Samsung Tab SM-T231 Repair Firmware 4 files Odin -Posted
Samsung GT-I9060 Clone MTK6572 Firmware Rom - Posted
Samsung C7 CLONE ALPS BEST6580 -Posted
Samsung SM-G550T Galaxy ON5 - Posted
Samsung GT-i9300 Firmware - Posted
Samsung S7 Clone Firmware SPD - Posted
Samsung J710fn preloader Clone - Posted
Samsung J76 spreadtrum - Posted
Samsung J7 J8 Prime - Posted
Samsung J700 A57 Firmware - Posted
Samsung GT-E2202 - Posted
Samsung J200H/DS - Posted
Samsung A10 mt6572 - Posted
Samsung J2 Prime SM-G532G Firmware and Unlock-Posted
Samsung C9-PRELOADER YULONG89- Posted
Samsung Note 8 MT6580 gxq6580 weg l dual camera - Posted
Samsung Clone S8 mini SPD PAC - Posted
Samsung sm-b105e -Posted
Samsung J500H clone J73g - Posted
Samsung S6 SM-G925F - Posted
Samsung S6 Clone G920F G9200 - Posted
Samsung G5500 Galaxy On5 Clone - Posted
Samsung A9 Star G8850 MT6580 - Posted
Samsung clone ALPS.L1.MP6.V2_KEYTAK6580.WEG.L_P24 - Posted

Kimfly Z5 firmware backup .. Posted
kimfly model z4 spd 6820 back up by miracle.rar
Kimfly E6 - Posted

QNET mobile model TIGGO Firmware ... posted
QNET model Skyler Pacfile password QNETSKYLER_MARLO123 - posted
QNET SONAR Firmware - Posted
QNET Raven firmware - Posted credit & password > kami_tera
Qnet B7 Firmware Cm2 - Posted


Rockchips Bootloader 3xxx & 2xxx (RK loader) (Loader file only)- posted
Kata t2 8gb Tablet rockchip update via sd card ok.rar
Polaroid TABLET rockchip mid720 updateI MP4063 OK.rar
TABLET rockchip fnf brand ifive mini3 (ROMAN) RK3188.rar
TABLET all winner motherboard ID ET-86V2G-V1.6 - Posted
Tablet Ilife Itell K1100Q - Posted
Tablet S108 7730 D2 (168) V1.0 - Posted
Torque Droidz SPUR Tablet (MT6582 scatter) Posted
Tablet Board Id: M86V MB V2.2 pass> moxxxgsmsandwich - Link
Tablet ET-86V2G - Posted
Tablet PLDT Aura Telpad MA7 ROM (CM2) - Posted
Tablet Cherry mobile Fusion Aura 1 - Posted
Tablet M86V MB V2.2 - Posted
Tablet S108 7730 D2 - Posted
Cherry Tab Superion radar quad plus -Posted
GenX Tab GX&-3gi Plus Crystal - Posted
Tablet Tab3 AL a13 751g rev5.0 - Posted
I-LIFE Tab model WTAB 702 M8 A13 Firmware- posted
Tablet Model: M706A-H11T Board id: S706-7731C-D2(216) V2.0 - CM2 LINK
Tablet SUPERKING 883A S706-7731C-V2.1 - Posted

Itell S280 SPD6820 Firmware ... posted
ILLY model P2 android ( via scatter file) ... posted
ILLY SPARK 1 Firmware (pac) - Posted
I.onik I441 firmware - Posted
Illy Prime 2 - Posted


HMI H5 Firmware ( scatter file ) ... posted
Huawei Y635-L02 UNLOCK (sigma) -- Posted
Huawei Y625-U32 firmware - Posted
Huawei Y520-U22- Posted
Huawei Y600-U20 - Posted

LG Phones

LG model G3 clone (CMX rtech72 we 72 kk) ROM ... posted
Life X301 model wind 3g Firmware ( scatter file ) ... posted
LG Q7 MT6572 Firmware ( scatter file ) ... posted
LK mobile X132 firmware .... View post
LK mobile model A8 miracle MT6580 - Posted
Lk mobile T8 mt6580.rar
LG D850 UNLOCK .. Posted
LG G5 mini clone Pac file - Posted
LG X220 - Posted
LG G3 F400k - Posted
LG D690 stylus Firmware - Posted
LG D170 firmware - Posted
Lolly Grand DTC GT9 - Posted
Lava Iris 600 - Posted
LG SP200 Unlock Firmware OCT - Posted

Nokia and Lumia Windows phone

Lumia 520-rm-914 nokia dead-boot firmware - posted
Lumia 530-dual-sim-rm-1019-firmware ... posted
Nokia Lumia 530 Dual SIM RM-1019 ... posted
NOKIA 520.2 RM-915 FIRMWARE ROM - Posted
Nokia 3310 (2017) SPD firmware and Tool - Link
Nokia 130 SPD clone - Posted
Nokia 3310 clone RDA - Posted
Nokia 216 RM-1187 Firmware - Download

Lenovo Phone

LENOVO CLONE G650 MT6572 (scatter file) ... posted
Lenovo Meizu A19 firmware MT6752 (scatter file) ... posted
Lenovo clone X7 PRO Firmware ROM (scatter file) ... posted
Lenovo W2 (clone) sprd sc6820 .. Posted
lenovo Z1-firmware stock rom ... posted
Lenovo A858 Firmware Stock ROM ... posted
Lenovo A390T Firmware ... Posted
Lenovo A66 Download
Lenovo A1900 Download
Lenovo S60A Download
Lenovo_K3 Download
LENOVO X5 PRO Miracle tool Download
Lenovo A3300GV Download
Lenovo Admet 7040d .. Posted
Lenovo S650 Download
Lenovo P780 Download
Lenovo A850 Download
Lenovo A390 hard reset and recovery - posted
Lenovo A66 Download
Lenovo A536 Download
Lenovo A5000 Download
Lenovo A369i Download
Lenovo A319 ported to Wiko_SUNSET2 mt6572 - Posted
Lenovo A316i S040 140730 mt6572 ... Posted (scatter file)
Lenovo P083D MT6571 scatter file - Posted
Lenovo Tab3 TB3 710f Firmware CM2 - Posted
Lenovo Tab A163 KT07C (K0706b-3G-B1-G) - Posted
Lenovo A328 Firmware - Posted
Lenovo A269i - Posted
Lenovo Hotwav venus R6 - Posted
Lenovo Hotwav V10 - Posted
Lenovo startup Hotwave Cosmos V13- Posted
Lenovo A6000 - Posted
Lenovo A7000-a S153, S223
Lenovo A1000 - Posted
Lenovo Tab A3500 HV - Posted

O+ SmartPhones

O+ 8.93 android firmware - posted
O+ 8.92 Firmware - posted
O+ 8.92 Firmware V8 - Posted
O+ 8.38z 16gb Firmware - posted
O+ 8.37Z firmware - posted
O+ 8.31 O+ 8.31Z firmware - posted
O+ 8.52 Firmware 4GB and 8GB - posted
O+ 8.36z firmware - posted
O+ 8.91Firmware - posted
O+ 8.96 Firmware - Posted
O+ 8.38 Firmware - posted
O+ 8.33z firmware - posted
O+ Grande Firmware - posted
O+ 360 ALPHA Firmware - Posted
O+ Velocity LTE Firmware CM2 Spreadtrum - Posted
O+ Stream HDTV pac - Posted
O+ 360 Alpha Plus 2.0 ROM - Posted
OUKI G5 Firmware MT6752 ... Posted


Tasen T190 - Posted
Ding ding Defi GO - Posted
Phonix mobile J4 ROM - Posted
Phonix mobile Prime 5 firmware - Posted
Gionee M3 firmware - Posted
Gionee X1 MT6737T - Link


ZH&K Jasper Tablet Firmware (scatter file) Posted
ZH&K Pioneer 5 Firmware (Nand boot) - Posted
ZH&K ODYSSEY BEST (scatter) - Posted
ZH&K ONYX Firmware - Posted
ZH&K PIONEER12 - Posted
ZH&K ACE 3 - Posted
ZH&K ODYSSEY J1+ - Posted

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