Mobile Phone Tools

This page Show to you a list of TOOLS may you need to flash Firmware/Rom to your Smart phone or Android Devices.You can scroll down below which tools you want by number arrangement.

(Note: All tools i test works perfect in Windows operating system only which is 32bit professional ,But some higher windows like windows 8 and higher i not test.)
Choose your necessary tool and you are-direct to Step by step guide and download page

Android (ADB TOOLS PACK) by: phoenixemer Free

RDA multi Update Tools

ODIN Tools for Samsung device

Rockchip Tools V1.37

Rockchips Wiper V1.37 is Tools for Rockchip chip set may found most on Tablet Android system.
This Tools can flash specific image extension (.img) like system.img, recovery.img, misc.img etc. to Rockchip integrated circuit devices.Most common use this to wipe data through PC USB port to device by flash misc.img.

WMShuaSetup for Sony Xperia

Flash loader 7.4.74. Open Tools and click set model see figure above 

Windows Recovery Tools