Alcatel POP C5 OT 5036D Firmware ROM

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Hello! Today i share one of my repair this day, Alcatel POP C5 Model OT 5036D with a problem of Hang on LOGO start-up, Already Try to Hard reset using Recovery mode and Format Reset Setting Using CM2 mediatek tool and NCK mediatek Tool but Result is Still Hang on LOGO on startup screen and i wait for half an hour the problem on stuck-up on logo still remain, That why i proceed to flash the phone using SP Flash Tool Firmware ROM below..

Here the screen shot of Firmware loaded on SP flash tool below ...

And here the Firmware i Download on net


No Rar password

Newbie on how to use the SP flash Tool must READ and Learn the procedure how to use the Sp flash Tool is can be READ more step by step and Tutorial at the link below

After you Read about Sp flash Tool, See the picture above of tools that the firmware i used was no catch and userdata but i flash the phone not load all, Only i flash the phone Android system only have check and MOTA SIU LIKE setup because this is the safe flashing so far i experience.

But the problem is remain!.
I will tell you how to revive this phone, First i back-up the Full ROM using NCK tool, Then i full flash Phone Firmware above OT 5036D 01005 using Sp flash Tool.
After full flash all image file using SP tool is Hang on Logo every 5 minutes and become Restarting..

The problem become hang and restart from hang only.. means something wrong from file or version i work.
Finally i think about mixing Firmware i backup by NCK and the ROM i download OT 5036D 01005

Finally after mixing the content of two Firmware proper ways i receive a victory success totally revived the phone, The mix content reference what below

  • I copy the the system.img from folder i download earlier OT 5036D 01005 and rename to ANDROID file
  • After rename to ANDROID file, I delete the ANDROID file from folder backup of NCK tool earlier
  • After delete old ANDROID file, I move it to folder backup of NCK tool.

In short! i replace the Android file from NCK back-up to system.img from folder i download and Full flash back the ROM using NCK mediatek tools.

After complete flash back the firmware i notice phone status not restarting but i wait a 5-10 minutes on Hang on Logo until its vibrate and finally result the phone is alived now a WELCOME screen start-up.

So i re-backup the Firmware after totally i notice phone was in good condition and ready to use

Here screenshot of  final backup Firmware using NCK mediatek full Dump below picture

If you want this back-up of mine after totally fix  you can contact my email.. and give me drinks Yeah!
Thanks for reading as reference for all.
Note! Before Writing ROM to device
NOTE: Extract the downloaded compress file and provide given password if asked, Do it at your own risk, After flashed the device is set automatic in reset condition, All your user data is lost.
Make sure you full BACK-UP the device first before to proceed flashing your phone for future purposes.
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