How To Reprogram Android device in safe way

Hello world!
Why you need to reprogram / flash you smartphone?

In this era we are in digital technology! all people in the world uses mobile phone,for me mobile handy devices was become fast break gadget! why? it because of
1st cause is incessantly used (over used).
2nd cause is this by installed apps that cause of memory full and the result is operating system (OS) error.

Mobile phone users trying to work it out with the help of the internet and sometimes because of the lack of experience is resulting cause damaged their work

I give some advice to all before you Flash/Reprogram your mobile phone.

1. Make sure you make backup First the full ROM
of your device even it is not in good condition in software.
(for future purposes - if you need some file to restore.)

then how to full Backup the ROM?
These knowledge was i said that user need experience how to repair mobile phone.
Anyway i give basic idea, The Chipset tool software what you using have ability to backup dump ROM?
Yes it can backup you need to read and understand the all support option and help option of the tool.
The second is there is a PAID tools which can buy to GSM gadget seller store can backup Firmware. Like me im a technician of mobile phone i have it paid tool.

Here the sample of picture of two tools below have Backup option.

Fig 1: A paid/free tool ex. full backup rom button.

The picture above that have big Read Full Flash is screenshot of Paid tool that have ability to backup ROM
and the other one tool with Readback is a sample of Free tool have ability to backup dump rom.
Sometimes after backup dump rom it will need to convert to become flashing ROM ~_~you can contact me how to,learn backup rom using free tool like SP flash tool

2. Be sure you know the version, device project , of your device 
Many similar model have different version release, mostly on MTK and spreadtrum chipset,that is why if you full flash the full rom with different loader to the phone tis resulting a screen problem like black screen or scramble display because of different loader of LCD driver called it UBOOT or LK file.
if this happened - it will help the advice number 1 above ^^. (1. Make sure you make backup First the full ROM)

3. Don't Format + Download device
Unless you have full backup all or know what you doing because after doing this its result deadphone because the partition of CPU memory was change even boot the driver to PC may affected or we may called it Dead BOOT , sometimes only PAID TOOLS can restore it ^^
The result after flash the phone calibration was erase even IMEI , NVRAM. you need to restore this file to activate the network (signal).

4. Must better make flash the phone in safeway procedure in first flash.
If the Android device still have a problem after write ROM, must better check the Device Chipset, Device project, Motherboard ID of your rom you used.
These are the compatibility which give you a reference if this is same to device info.

Hello! How to do it ?
OK if you don't know the version project of your phone!.You can flash/program it as lucky a 90% efficiency?
YES! try to flash select the ROM file name system or Android file only and uncheck the other file , it will flash the system file only without erasing other part of Firmware of device
Why i said this, as my experience! if you have device on hand with have problem in software related , The Android file or system image file is mostly only damage that cause the problem
Many tools even paid tools or free tools of mobile phone software have advanced setup or manually how to load ROM file of its kind

See the sample here how to use SP flash Tool for MTK as how to flash as MOTA SIU LIKE as far as my experience. read more tut at link next

5. Backup the NVRAM file , Sometimes Nvram file is need to flashback to device after writing firmware.
You can need this file if the phone have a problem of  INVALID IMEI the result of it cant detect the SIM or it goes to the network was emergency only and no signal.

Unknown baseband is the result in about menu setting in baseband detail most of android phone also
No SIM apps even if have SIM inserted
NVRAM files is use to repair INVALID SIM after damaged the security files when @user Full flashed the ROM to mobile phone, Nvram firmware is need to activate the serial number of mobile phone.
This files was backup in different format use file wisely and write the original IMEI when flashing
Warning changing another IMEI of device is illegal, use the original number of IMEI you can found on back cover of mobile phone.
Visit and download the Nvram Collection backup HERE 

6. UBOOT file "uboot.img  LK.bin" The Uboot file is a file driver of screen display. In my experience even if the ROM firmware is similar to the phone, after writing firmware is result a black/scramble display screen. The cause of this is different boot version. this is called device project version release example of this is V1, V2, V3 etc. How to fix it? the advice no.1 above again, If you have back-up you can replace the "uboot.img or lk.bin" of your downloaded ROM from Backup ROM.

Fig 2 :

You can fix Screen Problem by replacing the 3 file on in fig 2 example above.
Delete the boot,lk,logo file of your downloaded rom and place the boot,lk,logo of your backup rom then reflash again and result is your problem solved.

7. HARD RESET First Another safeway before flash ROM to device,There are 2 kind to HARD RESET!

A. Try to Hard reset First using key combination before you Flashed Rom to device.
Mobile Phone have built in software to repair itself, Try to boot to recovery,
Example > In power off phone press Hold Volume up or down +Power on.
After you boot to recovery, Select Wipe data and Cache then reboot> you must wait approximately 3-10 minutes in my experience to show menu screen but its not try to flash ROM as safeway above.

B. Try to hard reset using Firmware ROM, Download a exactly a Firmware ROM of your device with userdata at cache file. Make uncheck all file in flasher tool except USERDATA and CACHE.
The tool will flash only the two have checked. Read more how to flash Hard reset using Firmware example HERE.

NOTE! Some Android problem if the device success to Hard reset
Android device 5.0 and up have FRP startup, You must log-in your previous account to continue but if you forgot Read HERE may help what is FRP.

I add more advice soon , meanwhile this 6 advice may help readers how to start to avoid problem after flash
Thanks for reading this short advice i hope it may help you before you start!
Br- emerlits gsm service
⇩NVRAM file for Invalid IMEI

Tips! Before Writing ROM to your device
NOTE: Extract the downloaded compressed file and provide given password if asked, Do it at your own risk, After flashed the device is set automatic in reset condition, All your user data is lost. Make sure you full BACK-UP the device first before to proceed flashing your phone for future purposes.
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