How to Download if have adfly shorten links?

After you clicking download or redirect to download links, The Shorten Links appear before downloading several links, This automatically opens a new Tab of your browser similar like this below.

The user must wait for 5 seconds to view "skip button" on the right side like the figure below.

When Skip button appears, press it or click it the SKIP AD to view Download links and the two TAB of browser appear to start your download.

⇨ Here the summary of how to view Download Link of Firmware
To Download allow ads pop-up of your browser
Wait adfly 5 seconds and press skip button,
The new two Tab of browser appear that show your link
The one Tab is Ads and the other one is the Firmware download links.
User must Select the proper TAB that have a Download link of a Firmware.
⇨ Some Question may help

Question 1: Why its Happen?
Answer:    This is important to Publishers of this Blog to keep it alive this site and to continue share and ideas of their work about a mobile problem.
Question 2: What is Adfly
Answer: Is one of Advertising Network
You want to know more about Adfly  JOIN HERE -

Question 3: Where the download Link after I skip ADFLY

Answer: The new two pop-up Tab of your web browser appears that show your link.
The one Tab is Ads and the other one is the Firmware download links.
A user must Select the proper TAB that has a Download link of a Firmware.

Question 4: Even I skip adfly ads the Download link does not appear, what I do?

Answer: Check the POP-UP block URL of your browser asking Allow or Block, If this Block the Download link not appear on new Tab.

How to fix?. A user must allow a Pop-up block of your web browser to view download links, Some Browser setting setup default to Block POP-UP.

Here some TIPS on how to enable POP-up below
Read How to enable POP-UP Links

For redirecting to Mediafire download links after pressing "SKIP" we encountered missing download links appear, This is for an adfly problem.
We suggest to mail/contact us to give you a download link

Still, you cannot find your download Links?
Feel free to Contact Us and the Authors/Admin Help you

About Firmware if password protected in extracting?

Some Firmware / ROM in this blog is compressed with RAR/ZIP and need to extract it before use, User must give provided RAR/ZIP password if required.

1. If you encountered in extracting problem, Try to use other versions of extractors apps and give attention on file extension which is its "Rar or Zip" is a difference.

2. The Extracting Password will found on in below Blog post page named "View or Extracting password"
1. VIEW is user must click this link to view password as a text file.
2. Extracting password is no link, User must write in zip/or rar the given password to get the file.

3. Some of the shared file in this blog have no password in extracting, and indicated in below post like Extracting file is without password FREE! this means the file has no password.
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