PLDT AURA TELPAD MA7 Firmware Rom is Flash using CM2 Rockchip tool to same model.
The figure image on top picture shows the actual unit of PLDT AURA TELPAD.
This Telpad motherboard id: MA7 V15 20150113 was revived from hang on start-up problem.

After completely flash using said tool continue read below about what is ROM about
The firmware RK3066__RK30SDK__rk3188__eng.20150923.180554.irkfw
was already flash using CM2 tools using write firmware button.

Here some Logs may viewers will need to understand what ROM about

Connect device to PC!
Hold 'VolUp'+'VolDown' or 'VolUp', insert USB cable, press 'PowerOn'!
Found active FlashInterface , connecting ...
Detected : RK3066
Read Info Ok!

Selected   : RK3066__RK30SDK__rk3188__eng.20150923.180554.irkfw
FastVerify : Ok , 0x323C5159
FwInfoBlk  : 0x0009
Load Ok!
Operation : Flash [ v1.0 ]
INFRK Image : RK3066__RK30SDK__rk3188__eng.20150923.180554.irkfw
Will flash INFRK image now...
Update PMT ...
Prepare ...
Update ...
Update Ok!
Flashing now : MISC
Prepare ...
Writing ...
Flash Ok!
Flashing now : KERNEL
Prepare ...
Writing ...
Flash Ok!
Flashing now : BOOT
Prepare ...
Writing ...
Flash Ok!
Flashing now : RECOVERY
Prepare ...
Writing ...
Flash Ok!
Flashing now : BACKUP
Prepare ...
Writing ...
Flash Ok!
Flashing now : CACHE
Prepare ...
Writing ...
Flash Ok!
Flashing now : USERDATA
Prepare ...
Writing ...
Flash Ok!
Flashing now : ANDROID
Writing ...
Flash Ok!

UIMG write finished sucessfully, resul : 0x09
Elapsed: 00:01:58
This figure is about CM2 rockchip tool finish flash program of this device

After flashed, The tablet automatic to reboot to recovery and comes to factory reset instantly itself
User must wait to reboot to normal and wait for optimizing aps until welcome menu appear
and the tablet is ready to use again.

Firmware can use to same model about have problem about software related problem Hang, no power, password, pattern lock , infected by virus, anything about software related.

Do it at your own risk, After flashing ! the device is set automatic in reset condition, All user data is lost.
Make sure back-up important data before to proceed flashing your phone.

Download This tested Firmware

Note: The rom is split into 3 files
download this 3 files below and place in one folder and extract using winrar

Rar password

Driver download

RK batch tool flashing driver

A Smartphone Software repairing

How to Download Firmware? CLICK ME HOW
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sir bat ayaw nung firmware. pag ineextract ko sir corrupt file or wrong password ayaw sya ma extract

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