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Odin is Samsung tool used for flashing firmware to devices via Download mode or bypassing recovery.
ODIN TOOLS Importantly, it also has the ability to repartition the device storage based, Samsung Odin is for ROM Flashing tool for SAMSUNG Android Smart phone and tablets devices.

What is Download mode?

Download Mode is for flashing firmware/rom or upgrade through USB port of devices, Using this ODIN Tools can access the device if the unit is on download mode, A special menu that can provide internal access and provide special drivers to link to internal of device and tools.

Some Other gadget have Download mode also but different access to make it enable, for most Samsung devices to make it enable is will show you below figure.

Steps how to download Mode

1. Power off the device.

2. Press Hold together Power + hold center button + volume down.

3. When comes vibrate release hold power on button but dont release the center and volume button.

4. When warning appear in screen like Fig.1 below press volume up button to continue.

Figure 1:

Example is J1 Samsung result after applying steps

Note  : if this not Happen to device, Check if !,
-Check it if phone is Clone, No need to use this tool
-Check all Button is working well

4. After you see this on your phone, release all button you press.

5. then press volume up button , after that the figure 2 appear.

Figure 2: Odin Mode

6. Now this picture appear the device is on Download mode and you now ready to flash your phone using Odin tools and other Tools support.
Drivers may you need to properly connected to your PC/laptop you can download Here select Samsung driver all version.

How to Load Firmware arrangement to Odin tools?

Some newer device firmware of original Samsung model have start name below.PIT is for Pit tab
BL is for = BL tab
Modem is for = CP tab
AP is large size of all load it to = AP tab
CSC is for  = CSC tab
Other old model is name start as PDA as same as AP

How to flash Samsung devices using Odin
A video is example only flashing standard flashing upgrading/downgrading PDA image, This is not a full flash with partition, This video is a safe flashing to device using firmware PDA.

Single Download

* Odin3 V1.84

* Odin3 V3.12 - latest
NOTE: Extract the downloaded compress file and provide given password if asked, Do it at your own risk, After flashed the device is set automatic in reset condition, All your user data is lost.
Make sure you full BACK-UP the device first before to proceed flashing your phone for future purposes.
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