I ROBOT PYRE firmware MT6572 scatter

Firmware info

MT6572 : MediaTek CPU EMMC
BaseBand CPU : MT6572, E01
Android OS : KitKat

Firmware Situation :
Back-up by NCK tool as scatter file
Firmware already factory reset before backuping

Partitions count: 19

Partition: PRELOADER Start = 0x0              Len = 0x880000      
Partition: MBR Start = 0x880000         Len = 0x80000      
Partition: EBR1 Start = 0x900000         Len = 0x80000      
Partition: PRO_INFO Start = 0x980000         Len = 0x300000      
Partition: NVRAM Start = 0xc80000         Len = 0x500000      
Partition: PROTECT_F Start = 0x1180000        Len = 0xa00000      
Partition: PROTECT_S Start = 0x1b80000        Len = 0xa00000      
Partition: SECCFG Start = 0x2580000        Len = 0x20000      
Partition: UBOOT Start = 0x25a0000        Len = 0x60000      
Partition: BOOTIMG Start = 0x2600000        Len = 0x600000      
Partition: RECOVERY Start = 0x2c00000        Len = 0x600000      
Partition: SEC_RO Start = 0x3200000        Len = 0x40000      
Partition: MISC Start = 0x3240000        Len = 0x80000      
Partition: LOGO Start = 0x32c0000        Len = 0x300000      
Partition: EXPDB Start = 0x35c0000        Len = 0xa00000      
Partition: ANDROID Start = 0x3fc0000        Len = 0x32000000    
Partition: CACHE Start = 0x35fc0000       Len = 0xe200000    
Partition: USRDATA Start = 0x441c0000       Len = 0xa1f40000    
Partition: BMTPOOL Start = 0xffff00a8       Len = 0x1500000    

Screenshot Fig. 2 

A rare firmware Rom is shared FREE and 100% tested
Firmware is back-up by NCK Tool from Emerlits gsm service shop
Firmware Flash via Sp flash tool or gadget Box related MTK chips support 
related free tools may be use is SP Flash Tool v5.1540 (MTK chips Flasher Tools) step by step procedure in Mobile tools


I ROBOT PYRE firmware MT6572 scatter can use to same model about have problem about software related problem Hang, no power, password, pattern lock , anything about software related.
Best safe way is manual select flash the SYSTEM ANDROID file only.
Do it at your own risk, After flashing ! the device is set automatic in reset condition, All user data is lost.
Make sure back-up important data before to proceed flashing your phone.
Download : Link
NOTE: Extract the downloaded compress file and provide given password if asked, Do it at your own risk, After flashed the device is set automatic in reset condition, All your user data is lost. (Make sure full back-up the device first before to proceed flashing your phone for future purposes).
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